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used at the toilet. The Mexicans gave to Europe tobacco, snuff, the turkey, chocolate, cochineal. Like us, they had in their entertainments solid dishes, with suitable condiments, gravies, sauces, and desserts of pastries, confections, fruits, both fresh and preserved. They had chafing-dishes of silver or gold. Like us, they knew the use of intoxicating drinks; like us, they not unfrequently took them to excess; like us, they heightened their festivities with dancing and music. They had theatrical and pantomimic shows. At Tezcuco there was a council of music, which, moreover, exercised a censorship on philosophical works, as those of astronomy and history. In that city North American civilization reached its height. The king’s palace was a wonderful work of art. It was said that 200,000 men were employed in its construction. Its harem was adorned with magnificent tapestries of feather-work; in its garden were fountains, cascades, baths, statues, alabasters, cedar groves, forests, and a wilderness of flowers. In conspicuous retirement in one part of the city was a temple, with a dome of polished black marble, studded with stars of gold, in imitation of the sky. It was dedicated to the omnipotent, invisible God. In this no sacrifices were offered, but only sweet-scented flowers and gums. The prevailing religious feeling is expressed by the sentiments of one of the kings, many of whom had prided themselves in their poetical skill: “Let us,” he says, “aspire to that heaven where all is eternal, and where corruption never comes.” He taught his children not to confide in idols, but only to conform to the outward worship of them in deference to public opinion. To the preceding description of the social condition of Mexico I shall add a similar brief account of that of Peru, for the conclusions to be drawn from a comparison of the spontaneous process of civilization in these two countries-with the process in Europe is of importance to the attainment of a just idea of the development of mankind. The most competent authorities declare that the Mexicans and Peruvians were ignorant of each other’s existence. In one particular especially is the position of Peru interesting. It presents an analogy to Upper Egypt, that cradle of the civilization of the Old World, in this, that its sandy coast is a rainless district. This sandy-coast region is about sixty miles in width, hemmed in on the east by grand mountain ranges, which diminish in size on approaching the Isthmus of Panama, the entire length of the Peruvian empire having been nearly 2400 miles, it reached from the north of the equator to what is now known as Chili. In breadth it varied at different points. The east wind, which has crossed the Atlantic, and is therefore charged with humidity, being forced by the elevation of the South American continent, and especially by the range of the Andes, upward, is compelled to surrender most of its moisture, which finds its.
way back to the Atlantic in those prodigious rivers that make the country east of the Andes the best watered region of the world; but as soon as that wind has crossed the mountain ridge and descends on the western slope, it becomes a dry and rainless wind, and hence the district intervening to the Pacific has but few insignificant streams. The sides of this great mountain range might seem altogether unadapted to the pursuit of agriculture, but the state of Peruvian civilization is at once demonstrated when it is said that these mountain slopes had become a garden, immense terraces having been constructed wherever required, and irrigation on a grander scale than that of Egypt carried on by gigantic canals and aqueducts. Advantage was taken of the different mean annual temperatures at different altitudes to pursue the cultivation of various products, for difference in height topographically answers to difference in latitude geographically, and thus, in a narrow space, the Peruvians had every variety of temperature, from that corresponding to the hottest portions of Southern Europe to that of Lapland. In the mountains of Peru, as has been graphically said, man sees ” all the stars of the heavens and all the families of plants.” On plateaus at a great elevation above the sea there were villages and even cities. Thus the plain upon which Quito stands, under the equator, is nearly ten thousand feet high. So great was their industry that the Peruvians had gardens and orchards above the clouds, and on ranges still higher flocks of lamas, in regions bordering on the limit of perpetual snow. Through the entire length of the empire two great military roads were built, one on the plateau, the other on the shore. The former, for nearly 2000 miles, crossed sierras covered with snow, was thrown over ravines, or went through tunnels in the rocks; it scaled the more difficult precipices by means of stairways. Where it was possible, it was carried over the mountain clefts by filling them with masonry, or, where that could not be done, suspension bridges were used, the cables being made of osiers or maguey fibres. Some of these cables are said to have been as thick as a man, and two hundred feet long. Where such bridges could not be thrown across, and a stream flowed in the bottom of the mountain valley, the passage was made by ferry-boats or rafts. As to the road itself, it was about twenty feet in breadth, faced with flags covered with bitumen, and had mile-stones. Our admiration at this splendid engineering is enhanced when we remember that it was accomplished without iron and gunpowder. The shore road was built on an embankment, with a clay parapet on each side, and shade-trees. Where circumstances called for it, piles were used. Every five miles there was a post-house. The public couriers, as in Mexico, could make, if necessary, two hundred miles a day. Of these roads, Humboldt says that they were among the.

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Sherry Linda Baker, 28 November 1968, 1993, 2004.
Cara Louise Ellis [Nikki Trimble], 13 April 1971, 1996, October 2002.
Tammy Heather Fairbairn, 17 June 1971, 1998, December 2004.
Mary Florence Lands, 15 September 1963, 1991, 2004.
Tania Peterson, 28 December 1969, 1998, 2003.
Sharon Evelyn Ward, 7 June 1967, 14 February 1997, March 1997.
Davis, a Granville Mall regular and a known drug user, was stabbed numerous times in the neck and chest. Her partly clad body was found in a bush close to Wiggins Avenue in Burnaby. She was a mother of two.
May 31, ’89: Katherine Mary Lou Daignault, 40.
Daignault had just returned from Winnipeg when her beaten body was found at a Maple Ridge construction site. Her street name was Nicky and she was known to work as a prostitute near Main and Hastings.
April 1, ’85: Pauline Eliza Johnson, 30.
An exotic dancer, Johnson was stabbed in the heart and her partly clad body left lying near a gravel road in Coquitlam. She was sexually assaulted, mutilated with a knife, her body cleaned up, then dumped from a car.
Kiss was strangled with a tie. Her body was dumped near 56A Avenue and 136th Street. She had worked as a prostitute in Vancouver’s West End until a soliciting conviction banned her from the popular stroll.
Jan. 18, ’98: Kelly Elizabeth Parsons, 30.
Parsons, who worked as a prostitute, was last seen walking in the 13200-block of King George Highway. She was found unconscious in pool of blood beside 133rd Street near 112 Avenue and died of head injuries.
Infamous Hwy to tears Missing & Murdered.
Aielah Saric Auger was killed in Prince George in Feb 2006.
Gale Weys was killed in Clearwater in 1973.
Monica Jack was killed in Merritt in 1978.Ramona.
Lisa Wilson, age 15 body found in Smithers April 9, 1995.
Delphine Anne Nikal, 15, missing June 14, 1990 near Smithers.
Nicole Hoar vanished while hitchhiking to Smithers in 2002 on Highway 16.
Former massage parlour prostitute speaks out.
Published Friday, June 24, 2011 7:57PM PDT.
Last Updated Saturday, May 19, 2012 2:09AM PDT.
A woman who says she used to work as a prostitute in a high-end Richmond massage parlour has shared her troubling story with CTV News.
She asked that her name be withheld, so will be referred to as "Ashley." For a year, she worked in various massage parlours in Metro Vancouver.
Ashley says about once per week her madam sent her to the Water Club, located at the top of the posh Radisson Hotel in Richmond.
"You get an initial $200 just to get in and just basically party and stuff," she said. "If you did want to have sex with any of the guys there, you charge your own rate."
The club was closed down for two months in March due to a number of bylaw infractions, which are outlined in a January 2011 report to Richmond City Council.
Among the reported violations were refusing entry to RCMP officers and "permitting a person engaged in a body rub or other services not to wear garments covering his or her body between the neck, top of knees and below the elbows."
Earlier this month, CTV News sent an undercover volunteer to the Water Club. He spoke to a manager, Paul, who said sexual services were for sale – including "hand release."
"Hand release meaning masturbation?" he was asked.
"Yeah, yeah," Paul replied.
CTV News tried to reach the Radisson Hotel for comment on Friday, but have not heard back. The hotel receives roughly $20,000 per month in rent from the Water Club.
The club manager did speak over the phone on Friday, and denied sex was for sale at the business.
"I told you guys, we don’t have full service. We don’t have those things," Paul said.
But Ashley disagrees. She says the club is "definitely full service," that parties at the Water Club sometimes went to 8 a.m. and that there was plenty of drug use — including tranquilizers, cocaine and ecstasy.
She quit the sex trade last year, and would like to see massage parlours that offer sexual services shut down.
"It was definitely terrifying," she said. "You don’t know what they’re going to do if you say no."
The City of Richmond has launched an investigation into massage parlour sex and has asked the RCMP to do the same.
Where's the best place to start being a male prostitute in Vancouver?
I worked for a Madame a few years ago as a driver. The escort agency charged $190.00 and hour. The girls never got half that.
If you have a pimp it is even worse. You could be subjected to drugs, running drugs as well as possible physical abuse and preforming acts against your will that you'd never dream of doing.
If you truly want to become a male prostitute hang around Yale Town and linger around the Dufrin Hotel. Or take strolls around Therlow, Davie St., Howe and Burrard. Look for the F212 and hang around in that area.
(Look f212 men's bath on Google, it will give you the correct address).

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December 6, 2002 – Judge David Stone denied an application by Pickton’s lawyer Peter Ritchie to impose a publication ban on the suspected serial killer’s preliminary hearing. Pickton, a 53-year-old Port Coquitlam pig farmer, has been charged with murdering 15 of the 63 missing women from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Investigators have hinted at finding body parts, DNA and personal items in Pickton’s ramshackled farm. Defence attorney argued that the prosecution’s evidence against his client was so explosive, that it would be impossible to find an unbiased jury of 12 for his trial.

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YL Young Lady. YMMV Your Mileage May Vary. A overused, common sense disclaimer meant to convey that an ASP may do things with one person, but not with another. Often used as a caveat, “Don’t accuse me of a false report if she doesn’t do the same with you.”. YMMV Girl An ASP who is known for being inconsistent in her attitude and service. i.e. Gets hot and cold reviews.
Other common internet abbreviations.
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What is and is not legal under Canada's new prostitution laws.
Canada’s new prostitution laws went into effect over the weekend, and already they are prompting concern and doubt. And confusion — always good when you’re at risk of jail time if you don’t understand the law.
The Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act, which replaces former laws that have been shot down as unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, are meant to give sex workers the ability to protect themselves, and create avenues to help get them out of the industry.
But those on the ground have complained that they still can’t tell what is legal and what is not.
“The rules and regulations are still hazy,” Cameron Diablo, a Victoria, B.C. sex worker, told the Victoria Times Colonist .
“We’re unsure about licensing, legality, if we live near schools but work indoors, landlord-tenant regulations with the new law, advertising. The list is endless with the detailed questions my group of colleagues and I have come up with.”
It is not a great sign for a set of laws that were written with the intention of clarifying the murky legality of the sex industry in Canada.
Prostitution is legal in Canada, but the country’s former set of laws made almost everything around it illegal. The Supreme Court of Canada shot down those laws last year, calling them unconstitutional, and gave the government one year to replace them.
Justice Minister Peter MacKay unveiled the Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act earlier this year, which criminalizes buying sex, profiting from the sale of sex, and third-party advertising.
The changes were not well received. Several groups and agencies, including the Canadian AIDS Society and the Native Women’s Resource Centre, continue to oppose the new laws.
Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne says she has asked the province’s attorney general to investigate the laws and advise her on their “constitutional validity.”
“I am not an expert, and I am not a lawyer, but as premier of this province, I am concerned that this legislation (now the law of the land) will not make sex workers safer,” reads Wynne’s statement.
Regardless of the confusion and opposition, the bill is now law, and the country’s sex industry is bound by them.
So let’s take a look at what is legal, illegal and up for debate under the Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act:
IT IS LEGAL to communicate with the intention of selling sex, in some circumstances. This is a key change from the previous laws, which made it illegal to negotiate the sale of sex at any time. The change arguably fulfills a key concern raised by the Supreme Court ruling.

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The bumbling hero of both Oh, Kay and of Nice Work is a bumbling millionaire called James Winter.
[Matthew Broderick proved he’s far from the bumbling idiot he was playing when he stepped out of character to ask a girl in the front row to put away her camera.]
Ridiculous plot and silly antics aside, there is much of the glamour and rhythm of the late 1920s in Nice Work. But I was probably the only one surveying the set and wondering if it was any way close to the Warburg’s family town house on East Seventieth Street. Opulent surroundings, many servants and limitless (inherited) funds: all of the things Kay had given up by the time Aideen arrived in 1939. Then, she was working three jobs, composing music for different organisations. But if the rest of the week was nothing but work, Sundays were the day she kept to spend with her friends.
The Warburg family townhouse – All that Kay Swift gave up.
She later called them “our good Sabbath gab fests, settling our lives [and] we’ve really made more progress at that on Sundays than any other days.”
I can see her in the spring of 1939, flitting about her Beekman Place apartment, in the new silk house coat she has had specially shortened. As she leisurely prepares for Aideen and Mary’s visit, she now and then goes back to the piano to try something out. Earlier in the week, she had been at an early reading of Kindred , the play Arthur Shields and Aideen have come to New York with Visas to perform in. [Much depends on its success; every penny Arthur has is invested in it.]
Eddie Choate, the producer, was clearly buttering her up, hoping to raise some cash. Kay hadn’t the heart to tell him that she can’t imagine ever again having the “monya” to finance a show, especially when she thinks the play is good. Aideen looked so lonely, so unsure of herself, at the reading in the offices of the Maxine Elliott theatre that Kay decided the girl had to cheered up and invited her along to the Sabbath gab fest.
They’ll have their hair done first. She told Aideen:
I have made up my mind to support the hair-dressing industry as long as I live. No doing of own hair by this hand.
They they’ll go to a movie, or for lunch. They’ll pool their money and do their best to find a bar where some charming men might shout them a cocktail. As she goes to dress, she wonders if she has anything that might fit Aideen–cheer her up and make her feel more in vogue.
Kay fills Sundays so that she doesn’t think of her three children, still with their father in Connecticut. She is currently between beaus (more of them soon) and wants only to relax and enjoy herself today. Aideen will do the same; Kay will insist on it. If Aideen hasn’t been out to make friends with the city yet, then Kay will make darn sure they are properly introduced.
32 – A Love Letter from NYC.
Every time I find another treasure trove of archived letters I find myself wondering: what would the correspondents think to know this is where their letters rest? And what would they think of me reading them? Sometimes you cringe as you eavesdrop on their secrets, and sometimes you simply allow yourself to be swept up in their lives and be warmed by their love for each other.
This morning I got asked directions on the campus of Columbia University. My extended undercover operation to pretend I’m a student here finally paid off. Columbia University, and the little world around it on the Upper West Side, is a beautiful haven. When I arrived the snow was heaped high on the kerbsides and on the small patches of green, although steam still rose in clouds from the manholes. The Butler Library is all dark wood with glass doors; floors and floors of immaculately-kept reading rooms where students tap away on their laptops. There’s a serenity to archival work, and to working in such beautiful surroundings, that I’d completely forgotten, spending as much time as I do on the Go bus. Heading home in the early evenings, the only noise is the children from the local kindergarten pelting each other with the last of the slush. I’m staying a block from the office of Bill Clinton, who moved there in 2005 and there are NYPD everywhere. It lacks the honking horns, flashing lights and sheer aggression that you associate with downtown New York, but the UWS (as they say) is a place you could live in and quickly establish a home.
Kay Swift took off from New York in 1939 with her rodeo cowboy, not long before Aideen did the same. Aideen never settled here; Kay fled the city she’d called home. They’d both put in a few years of nothing but disappointments: career failures, broken relationships and money problems. Aideen left few (if any) records of her life that year. All I know about it has been put together from other sources. Kay was not one to linger on disappointments, so it seemed to me for a long time that I’d only ever be able to wonder and imagine about Kay’s friendship with Aideen, formed during their time in New York together … Except … Every girl needs somebody to confide in, and Kay Swift had Mary Lasker.

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After all Singapore Immigration is unlikely to grant an employment pass or work permit to a Karoke bar hostess, even if she does describe herself as a ‘guest relations officer’! The book stirred up a controversy in China and even more so when it was published in Singapore.
On one level it is seen as an attempt to vilify Chinese women. Crows are scavengers and many see the Chinese girls as being depicted in a similar light. On another level it is seen as a reaction to a society dominated by men and money.
Perhaps, in a sense, it is neither. The girls from China simply desire something better. And many succeed. Away from the hostess bars of Shenzhen and Shanghai; living in a condominium in Singapore and driving a Mercedes Benz, people will soon forget that you were once a Dragon Girl.
Commercial Sex in Singapore – HIV, STDs and other pitfalls.
HIV and STDs in the Commercial Sex Scene in Singapore.
Welcome to Singapore. For the uninitiated, commercial sex here is legal. Aside from the regulated commercial sex workers, there are also many unregulated working girls. This article is to give you an idea of the various risks involved if you decide to engage these services.
This article is not meant to encourage or discourage. I will endeavour to state the facts as best I can. As you might already have guessed, good data on this subject is hard to come by. Many of the points made here are based on my personal experience having run a sexual health clinic and having worked at the DSC (government sexual health clinic) and on unpublished data supplied to me during my interactions with the various health authorities.
This article is also not going to discuss the intricacies of how to go about obtaining such services in Singapore. For that, please read this great resource on The Singapore Commercial Sex Scene.
The Law on Commercial Sex in Singapore.
The legal age of consent in Singapore is 16.
The legal age for being a commercial sex worker is 18.
In other words you can have mutually consenting sex with a girl above 16. However, if there is financial consideration, she must be above 18 years of age.
If you are above 21, it is no excuse in the eyes of the law to say that you did not know her age or was duped into believing she was older. You will still go to jail and serve a maximum of 7 years.
Wikipedia is a great resource for more details on the law on commercial sex in Singapore.
Geylang – HIV and STD risks.
Geylang is currently the official red light district of Singapore.
The 2 extremes of risk are found here. The safest are the regulated sex workers working out of brothels or ‘houses’. The most dangerous are the freelance girls plying their trade by the side of the road, the so-called ‘streetwalkers’.
The regulated sex workers are required to undergo sexual health screening every month. They are screened for HIV, Syphilis, Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. They may also be screened for throat or rectal Gonorrhea if they have had oral or anal sex. Their licenses are revoked if they are infected with HIV or Syphilis. If they have Gonorrhea or Chlamydia, they are given treatment and allowed to continue working. The last case of HIV detected in these sex workers was many mnay years ago. Gonorrhea and Chlamydia cases are seen frequently.
What does this mean to you? Because of the HIV testing window period, there is still a risk of HIV albeit this risk is very small. This in no small part is also due to brothel owners enforcing rather strict (but not foolproof) condom usage.The chance of contracting Gonorrhea and Chlamydia is ever present even if you use a condom. These sex workers are not screened for other diseases like HPV or Herpes so you are still at a risk of contracting one of these.
Streetwalkers are sex workers who operate without a license. They are usually in Singpaore on a short term social visit pass. Some of them voluntarily attend sexual health screening at the government health centre (no; they are not arrested if they do) but most of them do not. There is obviously very little information we have in terms of HIV/STD prevalence in this group of sex workers. Based on data that is a few years old, we know that Vietnamese sex workers have the highest HIV prevalence rate (about 4%). The theory is that Vietnamese sex workers face a language barrier when trying to bargain for condom usage with their clients. So most of them end up not using condoms. Indonesian sex workers come in second in terms of risk. The theory is that they are usually on their way back to Indonesia from working in the sex industry in the Middle East. Diseases contracted when they were in the Middle East usually go undetected or untreated. Also taking into account the reported HIV prevalence rate amongst sex workers in Bali is actually 25%. Thai female sex workers are relatively low risk. However, Thai transexual sex workers are high risk. We do not know the exact numbers. But there was a study in Bangkok that estimated the HIV prevalence rate among Thai transexual sex workers to be approximately 49%. Mainland Chinese are relatively low risk. You hardly see Filipino streetwalkers in Geylang.

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