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Anna investigates and finds a hidden chamber behind the wall, which leads down into a very modern, very sophisticated, very classy but also very definitely – torture chamber. Along the walls are large, lit pictures of women at their deaths, and they’re increasingly disturbing. Anna struggles to comprehend as she investigates further, but it becomes quickly clear that Lucie was right. These people were in fact her torturers.
Anna continues to explore, and makes one of the more startling discoveries in the film — that family’s current victim. It’s a horribly malnourished woman with horrible metal devices fucking stapled to her. A large metal circle bound to her head with a cross piece atop her skull, and what could only be described as metallic underwear. She’s also chained down here in the dark, naked. She’s barely human. All Anna can do is take her upstairs, out of the chamber, but this poor woman is no longer living, really. Sure her body is alive, but what can she live for? She tries to pull the devices off her, but they’re very much attached. Anna runs out with disinfectant, but sadly mourns that this woman is beyond help, and that she cannot help her. Anna takes her to a bath, where the girl freaks out (possibly reminiscent of some water-based torture) but Anna calms her. She then proceeds to take a screwdriver to pry the metal staples out of the girl’s head. Much blood and screaming ensues. Anna manages to remove the metal-pain-helmet but the pain is unbearable to the girl, and she freaks. After this, Anna comes to understand what Lucie must have been put through, and goes to her corpse and apologises for it.
The torture victim.
Later in the day, the girl from the torture chamber attacks Anna after trying to stop her kill herself. In the ensuing freak out, we come to see that not only is the girl well beyond sanity, she’s very similar to Lucie’s guilt-monster. Out of nowhere, the girl gets shot in the head, as a team of black-clad people enter the house. They’re mysterious and devious, and drag Anna down into the chamber, while they finish off her work of cleaning up the bodies. Before too long, the leader of this crew of scoundrels, known only as “Mademoiselle” arrives, to not only let us know what the fuck has been happening in this movie, but also, what’s to come to poor Anna.
THE REVEAL: (and incidentally, the biggest spoilers)
So it turns out there’s a crew of people who work below the surface of society, systematically torturing a select few people. Remember that Lucie wasn’t at all sexually assaulted? Well that’s because this torture isn’t being done as something for their thrills. It’s a means to an end. It turns out that these people are torturing these women, because a select few become…wait for it… Martyrs! Mademoiselle points out the pictures of the women on the walls – and makes Anna take note of their eyes. At some point, these women become completely detached from the pain they’re suffering, but also from their own humanity and the world around them. The torturers believe that these women have transcended this existence and witnessed the afterlife.
They also point out that the vast majority of women become victims, not martyrs. They succumb to the torture, and die. And, as the creepy Mademoiselle makes clear, Anna is going to be subjected to all of this now.
Much of the rest of the film details the torture of Anna. First she is chained to a chair in the torture chamber. And, despite it actually being something of a convenience for her, it seems even worse that her chair has a hole in the seat and a bucket underneath for latrine needs. Something about it is dehumanising.
The next scene shows her being force-fed gruel. It looks disgusting, and apparently it is. Anna really struggles to eat it down. When she gags, the woman feeding her beats her. It’s a simple scene, but amazingly well done in showing someone being fed as a torturous act.
Next, and assuming some time has passed, we see an incredibly weary Anna urinating into the bucket — it seems that this is a milestone in her departure from comfort – she finds it really upsetting, possibly for the same reasons I found the initial presence of the bucket dehumanising.
The next scene shows a man descending the ladder and unchaining her. She doesn’t attempt anything once unshackled. He stands her up against the wall, and then steps away, deliberately leaving access to the ladder. She tries to run for it, but he catches her, punches her in the gut, then at the exact moment she’s regained her breath, punches her again.
Then comes the mandatory cutting-of-the-hair that absolutely any cinematic torture victim endures. This is the closest the film comes to cliched, but I suppose that they don’t shave it, they just cut it choppily. Anyway, we next see her being fed, still resisting the gruel, but not gagging as much.
Next is another no-holds-barred beating, but this time Anna barely reacts.

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