Fucked three ways

Fucked three ways
Sherry Linda Baker, 28 November 1968, 1993, 2004.
Cara Louise Ellis [Nikki Trimble], 13 April 1971, 1996, October 2002.
Tammy Heather Fairbairn, 17 June 1971, 1998, December 2004.
Mary Florence Lands, 15 September 1963, 1991, 2004.
Tania Peterson, 28 December 1969, 1998, 2003.
Sharon Evelyn Ward, 7 June 1967, 14 February 1997, March 1997.
Davis, a Granville Mall regular and a known drug user, was stabbed numerous times in the neck and chest. Her partly clad body was found in a bush close to Wiggins Avenue in Burnaby. She was a mother of two.
May 31, ’89: Katherine Mary Lou Daignault, 40.
Daignault had just returned from Winnipeg when her beaten body was found at a Maple Ridge construction site. Her street name was Nicky and she was known to work as a prostitute near Main and Hastings.
April 1, ’85: Pauline Eliza Johnson, 30.
An exotic dancer, Johnson was stabbed in the heart and her partly clad body left lying near a gravel road in Coquitlam. She was sexually assaulted, mutilated with a knife, her body cleaned up, then dumped from a car.
Kiss was strangled with a tie. Her body was dumped near 56A Avenue and 136th Street. She had worked as a prostitute in Vancouver’s West End until a soliciting conviction banned her from the popular stroll.
Jan. 18, ’98: Kelly Elizabeth Parsons, 30.
Parsons, who worked as a prostitute, was last seen walking in the 13200-block of King George Highway. She was found unconscious in pool of blood beside 133rd Street near 112 Avenue and died of head injuries.
Infamous Hwy to tears Missing & Murdered.
Aielah Saric Auger was killed in Prince George in Feb 2006.
Gale Weys was killed in Clearwater in 1973.
Monica Jack was killed in Merritt in 1978.Ramona.
Lisa Wilson, age 15 body found in Smithers April 9, 1995.
Delphine Anne Nikal, 15, missing June 14, 1990 near Smithers.
Nicole Hoar vanished while hitchhiking to Smithers in 2002 on Highway 16.
Former massage parlour prostitute speaks out.
Published Friday, June 24, 2011 7:57PM PDT.
Last Updated Saturday, May 19, 2012 2:09AM PDT.
A woman who says she used to work as a prostitute in a high-end Richmond massage parlour has shared her troubling story with CTV News.
She asked that her name be withheld, so will be referred to as "Ashley." For a year, she worked in various massage parlours in Metro Vancouver.
Ashley says about once per week her madam sent her to the Water Club, located at the top of the posh Radisson Hotel in Richmond.
"You get an initial $200 just to get in and just basically party and stuff," she said. "If you did want to have sex with any of the guys there, you charge your own rate."
The club was closed down for two months in March due to a number of bylaw infractions, which are outlined in a January 2011 report to Richmond City Council.
Among the reported violations were refusing entry to RCMP officers and "permitting a person engaged in a body rub or other services not to wear garments covering his or her body between the neck, top of knees and below the elbows."
Earlier this month, CTV News sent an undercover volunteer to the Water Club. He spoke to a manager, Paul, who said sexual services were for sale – including "hand release."
"Hand release meaning masturbation?" he was asked.
"Yeah, yeah," Paul replied.
CTV News tried to reach the Radisson Hotel for comment on Friday, but have not heard back. The hotel receives roughly $20,000 per month in rent from the Water Club.
The club manager did speak over the phone on Friday, and denied sex was for sale at the business.
"I told you guys, we don’t have full service. We don’t have those things," Paul said.
But Ashley disagrees. She says the club is "definitely full service," that parties at the Water Club sometimes went to 8 a.m. and that there was plenty of drug use — including tranquilizers, cocaine and ecstasy.
She quit the sex trade last year, and would like to see massage parlours that offer sexual services shut down.
"It was definitely terrifying," she said. "You don’t know what they’re going to do if you say no."
The City of Richmond has launched an investigation into massage parlour sex and has asked the RCMP to do the same.
Where's the best place to start being a male prostitute in Vancouver?
I worked for a Madame a few years ago as a driver. The escort agency charged $190.00 and hour. The girls never got half that.
If you have a pimp it is even worse. You could be subjected to drugs, running drugs as well as possible physical abuse and preforming acts against your will that you'd never dream of doing.
If you truly want to become a male prostitute hang around Yale Town and linger around the Dufrin Hotel. Or take strolls around Therlow, Davie St., Howe and Burrard. Look for the F212 and hang around in that area.
(Look f212 men's bath on Google, it will give you the correct address).

Prostitute in North Vancouver

December 6, 2002 – Judge David Stone denied an application by Pickton’s lawyer Peter Ritchie to impose a publication ban on the suspected serial killer’s preliminary hearing. Pickton, a 53-year-old Port Coquitlam pig farmer, has been charged with murdering 15 of the 63 missing women from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Investigators have hinted at finding body parts, DNA and personal items in Pickton’s ramshackled farm. Defence attorney argued that the prosecution’s evidence against his client was so explosive, that it would be impossible to find an unbiased jury of 12 for his trial.

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